The Student Health Coalition Archive Project is a partnership between members of the Student Health Coalition community, Vanderbilt University, and the Southern Historical Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The Project aims to build a unique community-driven archive of historical documents, photographs, audio recordings, artifacts, and other treasures.  Ultimately, the hope is that the archive will enhance the study of public health and community organizing work throughout the south.

The Student Health Coalition got its start in 1969 as a loose band of medical, nursing, undergraduate and law students, outside the auspices of any formal agency, but based at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee. The goal was to understand poverty and to impact change, by and with the people who lived at the grass roots of underserved rural and urban communities. Over the decades, the Coalition sponsored dozens of health fairs, in scores of communities, and left a legacy of still-standing community clinics and community based organizations. The Coalition continued well into the 1980s, refreshed every summer with new students.

This website is at the heart of the archive project.

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