1976 St. Charles Health Clinic, VA

After the 1975 health fair in St. Charles, Va., the local health council worked tirelessly to build a permanent clinic. By 1976, that clinic had opened to the public. And over time, it grew into a network of 12 regional primary care clinics that serve over 20,000 people in rural southwestern Virginia. By a stroke of luck, a young film maker from the area, Herbe Smith, also a Vanderbilt student at the time, captured their voices in real time.

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  1. I’m proud to have known these folks and to have been able to help the Clinic open its doors in 1976 before Art got there. I still feel a strong bond to the place, the people, the times and the spirit of Appalachia…and St Charles and Lee County in particular. Hello to Nancy, Polly, Art, Charlie (?) and all the others who made this happen! Names don’t come to me easily (never have), but the folks in the video are as familiar as if I had seen them yesterday. Doc Rock 6/25/2020

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