Impact of SHC

Dal Macon’s community return and ongoing work post-Student Health Coalition

Dal Macon briefly shares about some of his post-Student Health Coalition community projects, including having served on the board of Marie Cirillo’s Community Land Trust and organized outreach efforts through the Center for Health Services at Vanderbilt University. Link to full interview with Dal Macon.  

The focal role of listening in community organizing

Dal Macon highlights the Student Health Coalition’s emphasis on listening as the primary agent of sustainable, lasting community change. Solidifying its importance, Dal shares how this philosophy impacted his long-term relationship-building with community members and overall connection to the communities where he and other Coalitioners had worked in the 1970s. Link to full interview with …

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Lewis Lefkowitz on the Student Health Coalition’s key accomplishments

Lewis Lefkowitz recalls what facilitated the Student Health Coalition’s success. He discusses the organization’s framework of community mobilization and agency, and furthermore highlights the leadership legacy of Kate and JW Bradley. Recorded December 1, 2015. Full footage of his recollection about the development of the Student Health Coalition in the 1960s and 1970s.