The role of music in the Student Health Coalition

Here’s the link to a wonderful video clip, edited by Rick Davidson, that describes the connections between young student activists and local musicians in East Tennessee.


2 thoughts on “The role of music in the Student Health Coalition”

  1. Angela Carroll Healy

    Wow-great video, and wonderful memories of the New River Boys, The Station Inn, Big Ed’s, Tommy Phillips…music was a huge part of my experience with the SHC. Thank you, Rick Davidson.

  2. My wife tells folks, who weren’t around at the time, that we had two receptions for our wedding. For our parents and their friends a traditional affair at the church immediately following the the wedding. Then it was a quick change of clothes and a ride on the last flat boat ferry on the Cumberland River -The “Judge Hickman” Clees Ferry – to make our way to TJ’s for a pig pull ( courtesy of an all night pit pig roast on the property “supervised” by a group of friends that chose to skip the more traditional affair and stay up all night with beer and the pig), hoecakes cooked by Bill Dow and music on TJ’s porch by The New River Boys.

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