Resistance to institutionalization: then and now

Bob Hartmann, Irwin Venick, and Joe Little reflect on how the SHC process became institutionalized and the widespread (but split) resistance to it. Bob concludes that if they’d known more about how universities work or approached the formalization process retrospectively, student resistance may not have been (or wouldn’t now be) so vehement. Irwin and Joe speak to the fact that while Bill Dow always resisted convention, there’s benefit to structure. They all reflect on how Dick Couto, as co-director at the time the Center for Health Services (CHS) was first established and gaining traction, was caught in the crossfire and bore the brunt of the conflict. See the full length panel discussion to learn more about the complex origins of the institutionalized Center and its relationship to the student-led Coalition.

Recorded December 10th, 2021.