Process and Progress in Community-Driven Archives

In partnership with the Community-Driven Archives Team at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Wilson Special Collections Library, former Coalition participants strategized an effective approach to their archive project. These behind-the-scenes clips include discourse about the project’s purpose, outreach initiatives, and more.


ASHC Archive Project outreach and recruitment

Lark Hayes suggests a focused approach to participant recruitment and story collection for the archive project. John Davis supports this strategy and ends the meeting with a thematic “bucket” yet undiscussed: stories about opposition to the Student Health Coalition. Recorded… Continued

Emerging themes from the Appalachian Student Health Coalition Archive Project

Margaret Ecker delineates some emerging themes from the Appalachian Student Health Coalition Archive Project in the effort to cement a framework for their story collection process and website structure. These thematic “buckets” include partnership and collaboration, empowerment, student activism, and… Continued

Coalitioners ruminate on purpose behind community-driven archives project with UNC

Amidst discussion about the archive project’s outreach initiatives, John MacArthur and Paul Joffrion offer insight into why this work matters and how it can be of use to researchers and/or community organizers today. Recorded at a gathering held on June… Continued