New River Boys

As illustration of the depth and strength of relationship between the communities and the students, witness the example of the New River Boys. The Boys were a distinguished bluegrass band in the early 1970s. They played in venues around the South, yearning for fame and fortune (and even enjoyed the occasional foray into Nashville–Music City, USA).

Meanwhile, Coalitioner and newly minted physician, Rick Davidson, was traveling around Tennessee with the health fairs providing physician coverage. But he was as good on the stand up bass as he was with a stethoscope. It’s likely Rick joined the Coalition as much for its nearness to Bluegrass as for any professional ambition. Once his musical mettle had been tested by the Boys, they invited Rick to play with them. They eventually cut a record, even.

The New River Boys still play around, and whenever he’s in their neighborhood, Rick plays along. Check out this early recording for a sampling of their sound.