Early momentum for the archive project: the role of gatherings and collective memory recovery

The Websters discuss the role of Coalition (and other) gatherings in creating momentum for the archive project. John Davis notes how they spurred collective memory recovery and reflection. In reference to a 2009 Center for Health Services (CHS) gathering, Rosie Hammond adds how these reunions were an opportunity to learn of others’ post-Coalition lifetime of work, which ultimately inspired continuing to trace the SHC’s collective impact by way of an archive. Follow this link for access to the full-length panel discussion with the Websters.

Note: In review of this interview, Rick Davidson corrects the date of the Center gathering, which took place in 2009. He also adds that Lark Hayes, Mary Ruth, and Tom John were all involved in collection of Bill Dow’s materials. After Bill passed, many gathered at his service in Nashville, which served as another instance of inspiration for collecting more information.

Recorded December 2022.