Discussion about the SHC’s degree of influence on approaches to nursing

Margaret Ecker and Rosie Hammond discuss their difference in perspective about the Coalition’s degree of influence on participants, namely as it regards those who went on to pursue nursing. They ponder how much certain characteristics (such as fierce autonomy and independence) were instilled in nursing students as a direct result of their SHC experience, thereby setting them apart from others in the field, versus how these characteristics may have already been developed (contributing to their attraction to the SHC in the first place) and simply nurtured by the Coalition’s parallel energy and philosophies of practice.

Margaret shares her own experience as a consideration of why she may see the Coalition’s hand more prominently in the radical career shift (from law to nursing) that transpired after her SHC participation. Follow this link for full-footage of Margaret Ecker’s and Rosie Hammond’s reflections about their SHC experience in East Tennessee.

Recorded Summer 2022.