“Community knows best”

Margaret Ecker facilitates a discussion among Irwin Venick, Bob Hartmann, and Joe Little about the philosophies and guiding principles of the SHC. All agree a central facet of the Coalition’s approach was a collective understanding of the local community’s role in identifying and defining their needs. As Irwin puts it, “community knows best.” Bob and Joe frame health fairs as having been the entree into communities, with informal organizing around health-related needs beforehand having served to empower local leaders, establish familiarity and trust, and bridge cultural divides. The conversational, casual nature of this initial community organizing then developed into a more formalized approach with the work and follow-up assessment of health fairs. See the full length panel discussion to learn more about the complex origins of the institutionalized Center for Health Services (CHS) and its relationship to the student-led Coalition.

Recorded December 10th, 2021.