“The St. Charles Health Clinic” (19 mins, 53 secs)

Still frame from: St. Charles Health ClinicInterviews with St. Charles community members and members of the Vanderbilt University Student Health Coalition about the need for local health care services and the successful efforts of both groups to make that happen. Citizens discuss raising money and building the clinic with volunteer labor. Students discuss the mission of the coalition and the benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation to the program. This program was videotaped for broadcast on cable television Channel 12 as part of the Broadside/Mountain Community Television initiative to provide locally produced public access television to southwestern Virginia.

This movie is part of the collection: Appalshop Archive, Internet Archive
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Video: Bill Dow and Ayrshire Farm

Video hosted on YouTube. “Ayrshire Farm – Preserving Local Agriculture Preserving Community,” courtesy of the Triangle Land Conservancy. 2010. Continued

Dana Ellis: Personal reflections

In this video clip, Dana Ellis reflects on her personal experiences as a student nurse working with community leaders in rural west Tennessee back in the early 1970s and how that work affected her career and her life.   More… Continued

Connecting the dots: from SHC to ACA

In 2013, just as the Affordable Care Act was about to get rolled out, Bill Corr took time out of his busy schedule as Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services to reflect on the resonance between the Coalition work of forty years ago and… Continued

Nurse Practitioners, in the beginning…

Community leaders recognized early on the added value that expanded role nurses brought to the table.  In this video clip, community leaders Marie Cirillo and Betty Anderson recollect their efforts to lobby for legal changes that would support expanded role nurses.… Continued

Dana Ellis on her early experience as a Nurse Practitioner

  More on Dana Ellis: More on Nursing: Continued

SHC goes to West Tennessee in 1973

Dana Ellis discusses how she got involved and her experience with the first Student Health Coalition cohort to visit communities in West Tennessee in 1973.   More on Dana Ellis: More on Tennessee: Continued

1976 St. Charles Health Clinic, VA

After the 1975 health fair In St. Charles, Virginia, the local health council worked tirelessly to build a permanent clinic. By 1976, that clinic had opened to the public. And over time, it grew into a network of 12 regional… Continued

Pete Moss reflects

On training nurses, reuniting with fellow Coalitioners, and being a non-conformist.   Learn more about Pete Moss on his profile page.  Continued

Carolyn Burr reflects

Interview with Carolyn Burr, recorded at a 2013 Student Health Coalition reunion in Nashville, Tennessee. In this clip, Burr reflects on how the experience of working with the Coalition shaped her values and future career in nursing.   More on… Continued

The Smithville Story

  Learn more about Rod Lorenz on his profile page. More on Tennessee: More on Nursing: Continued

Dal Macon on SHC fundamentals

  Learn more about Dal Macon on his profile page.  More on Community Engagement: Continued

Maureen and Boomer on the Coalition’s Legacy

Maureen O’Connell and Charles “Boomer” Winfrey discuss SOCM, tax equalization, and “getting to the roots of problems and not just providing services.” Recorded in Nashville, Tenn., May 2013. Continued

“Radical Hearts” and their dress code.

Margaret Ecker reminisces with the Appalachian Student Health Coalition at a gathering in 2013.   Her story about the students’ dress code was influenced by the clip below of Kate and J. W. Bradley, where they discuss what their community said about the… Continued

Mo & Boomer

On strip mining, community organization, and “[having] fun while trying to change the world.” Interview with Maureen O’Connell and Charles “Boomer” Winfrey, recorded at a May 2013 reunion of the Student Health Coalition in Nashville, Tennessee. Continued


Rod Lorenz on the entrepreneurial endeavors of his host family.   Learn more about Rod Lorenz.  Continued

Living with Vada

Ann Baile Hamric on hospitality, creative home heating, and wasps in the outhouse. Continued

How to do followup after a health fair

Ann Baile Hamric on continuing care, local resources, and navigating through Appalachia. More on Community Engagement: Continued

Tom John in brevis

An video clip of an interview with Dr. Tom John, speaking about his experiences with the Student Health Coalition and the Center for Health Services. Recorded by Margaret Ecker, 2013. More on Community Engagement: Continued

Bill Dow on Healthcare Policy, 1973

Video clip from Appalachian Genesis courtesy of Appalshop Film Archives (Whitesburg, KY). Continued

A conversation with Martha Stucker

An interview with Martha Stucker. More on Nursing: Continued

Charles Scott reminisces about the Student Health Coalition

An interview with Charles Scott, professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University and early supporter and participant in the Student Health Coalition. Continued

“Later then, he sent me a check for $10,000”

An interview with Kate Bradley about how she received the money to build a health clinic in Petros, TN. Continued

“It pleases me to see community people getting together and then deciding for themselves what they want”

An interview with Betty Anderson on what it was like working with SOCM, and Bill Dow. She also discusses the importance of community organizations. Continued

St. Charles Health Clinic

“The St. Charles Health Clinic” (19 mins, 53 secs) Interviews with St. Charles community members and members of the Vanderbilt University Student Health Coalition about the need for local health care services and the successful efforts of both groups to… Continued

Bill Dow’s Broccoli Story

On organic farming and the state’s resistance to nurturing broccoli.   Continued