Cherokee, NC

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Reference to Cherokee, N.C. can be found in the 1980 SHC Annual Report, but other related content is not yet on file in the Archive. See brief description below.

Cherokee is part of the Qualla Boundary–the Cherokee Indian Reservation–and at the time had a total population of approximately 5,500. The Qualla Boundary is located on and around highway 411 coming out of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, heading South.

The SHC had limited activity in Cherokee in 1980, where students attempted, largely unsuccessfully, a new model of establishing a local health education program, but without the partnership of any area health fairs.

SHC workers included Jane Mossey and Molly Walker.

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Interview with Mary Herr by Jessie Wilkerson, May 19 2011, Southern Oral History Program, UNC Chapel Hill

Mary Herr was born in Springfield, Ill. in 1940. In 1978 she moved to Cherokee, N.C. where she has worked on many community development projects, primarily in legal aid services. Herr begins the interview by discussing her family history; a… Continued