Lee County, KY

The Student Health Coalition held two health fairs at the Thomas Walker High School in Lee County, Ky. during the summer of 1974, one from June 13-19 and the second from July 10-13 and July 15-16.

Residents of Elydale, Ewing, and Rose Hill extended an invitation to the SHC. A number of them were already familiar with the SHC because they had attended previous health fairs in St. Charles or Sneedville. They were now interested in securing a medical facility and expanding health services in their own area. The shortage of care was evidenced by the fact that only a single physician served a population of five to six thousand people between Cumberland Gap and Jonesville.

Preparations for the health fair and follow-up after the medical examiners left the area were organized by three SHC community workers from Vanderbilt University who lived in Ewing, Ky. for the summer: Cindy Lutenbacher, Becky Morris, and Brad Vear. A combined total of nearly 900 people received medical examinations over the course of the two health fairs held in June and July.

See the 1974 SHC Annual Report for more information.

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