Kaye Bultemeier



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A comprehensive history (1974-2023) of a vibrant community-owned and community-operated clinic network in East Tennessee composed by Caryl Carpenter 2024   I came to East Tennessee in December of 1975. The Board of Directors of Mountain People’s Health Councils (MPHC)… Continued

Janie Hiserote and Kaye Bultemeier on being nurse practitioners

Janie Hiserote and Kaye Bultemeier discuss how and why they became nurse practitioners and talk about finding their niche in family practice. Full footage of the interview with Janie Hiserote, Kaye Bultemeier, and Chuck Darling from October 25, 2017. Continued

Kaye Bultemeier introduction

Kaye Bultemeier introduces herself and talks about how she came to work in Stoney Fork, Tennessee. She was initially part of the National Health Services Corps and ended up staying in the community for eight years. Full footage of the… Continued

On the sense of community

Kaye Bultemeier, Janie Hiserote, and Chuck Darling reflect on the sense of community among residents of Petros, Stoney Fork, and Norma, Tennessee, and make note of changes in the region over time. Kaye says, “You could be a little bit… Continued