John McArthur

—To learn more about John McArthur’s upbringing and work with the Black Lung Association in Jacksboro, Tenn., check out this clip of him from a 2017 panel alongside John Williams, Lark Hayes, and Neil McBride—

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Bob Firestone and John Twiggs arrive in Jacksboro

John McArthur tells the story of his and the board’s decision to hire Bob Firestone and John Twiggs, both from the University of Minnesota, as the Jacksboro Clinic’s first two National Health Service Corps physicians. Despite cultural differences, the community… Continued

John McArthur on Columbus and Ruby McGee

John McArthur names two of his heroes in the effort to organize the black lung clinic in Jacksboro, Tenn. According to him, Columbus McGee, a coal miner, and his wife, Ruby, were the lifeblood of the Black Lung Association (BLA)… Continued

On John McArthur’s background

John McArthur elaborates on how his familial background and upbringing set him apart from many others involved with the Black Lung Association (BLA). Raised in Appalachia, he was radicalized while in college at UTC and shifted his studies from forestry… Continued

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