Janie Hiserote



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The Legacy of the Petros (Tenn.) Health Clinic

In the 1970s, Petros was a small community of 1400 on the eastern border of Morgan County.  Unemployment in the county was high, in part because there were only 3 manufacturing firms that did not provide enough jobs to replace… Continued

On the sense of community

Kaye Bultemeier, Janie Hiserote, and Chuck Darling reflect on the sense of community among residents of Petros, Stoney Fork, and Norma, Tennessee, and make note of changes in the region over time. Kaye says, “You could be a little bit… Continued

Janie Hiserote on Family Practice

Janie Hiserote talks about being a nurse practitioner providing family and community care in the communities of Petros and Coalfield, Tennessee. She shares a touching story about attending to a dying man in the middle of the night and the… Continued

Janie Hiserote and Kaye Bultemeier on being nurse practitioners

Janie Hiserote and Kaye Bultemeier discuss how and why they became nurse practitioners and talk about finding their niche in family practice. Full footage of the interview with Janie Hiserote, Kaye Bultemeier, and Chuck Darling from October 25, 2017. Continued

Janie Hiserote on Byrd Duncan

Janie Hiserote talks about the dynamics between practitioners and the boards of the community clinics. She speaks candidly about the disagreements she had with community leader Byrd Duncan, which ultimately led to her resignation.   Full footage of the interview… Continued