Jack Beckford

One of the many Philosophy majors among SHC’s early community organizers, Jack graduated Vanderbilt in 1971, and spent the following summer working on Mud Creek, KY. He later founded the Georgia Agricultural Marketing Project after briefly working with the Solar Greenhouse Employment Project, both considered somewhat “spin-off” groups from SHC, out of the mind of Bill Dow.


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Karen Blaydes

Profile: [Contributed by John Emmeus Davis, with the generous assistance of Jack Beckford, June 2017] Karen Blaydes (1948-2009) joined the Student Health Coalition in 1970, two weeks after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. This… Continued


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SHC in Mud Creek, Kentucky

Contributed by Jack Beckford, with Assistance from Sara Platt Williams During the Fall of 1970, SHC was contacted by the Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Organization (EKWRO), centered in Floyd Co, KY. EKWRO was already doing organizing among low-income residents in… Continued


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Jack Beckford Letter, Southern Historical Collection, UNC Chapel Hill

Jack Beckford participated in the Health Fair in Eastern Kentucky in the summer of 1971. A letter home shares updates about the Health Fair, its sponsors, the Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Organization and the Appalachian Regional Commission, and social and… Continued

Student Health Coalition Reunion Materials, 2009 and 2013, Southern Historical Collection, UNC Chapel Hill

Files transferred from the William W. Dow Papers (#05612) that document two Student Health Coalition reunions. One attended by Dow in 2009, and another hosted in Nashville in 2013 after Dow’s death in 2012. Materials include correspondence between former coalition… Continued

Student Health Coalition Project Collection, Southern Historical Collection, UNC Chapel Hill

Link to the Collection Finding Aid in the Southern Historical Collection, UNC Chapel Hill: https://finding-aids.lib.unc.edu/05649/ This collection includes materials documenting the work of the Student Health Coalition, an organization developed at Vanderbilt University in 1969 to reach out to medically underserved… Continued

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