Faculty Supporters

In the beginning, a few intrepid faculty members stepped forward to provide for students whatever protection from the prevailing elements they could. The first generation of student leaders was feisty and independent, but sometimes they got into the kind of trouble only their elders could neutralize.

Leslie Falk

Leslie Falk was born April 19, 1915, and grew up in St. Louis, Mo. After attending University of Illinois and Washington University (St. Louis), Falk received a Rhodes Scholarship, which allowed him to attend Oxford University, 1937-1940, where he helped… Continued

Dick Couto

The following text was part of a memorial by Irwin Venick during a gathering of Coalition alumni at Vanderbilt University, May 20, 2017. Richard (Dick) Couto served as Co-Director and then Director of the Center for Health Services (CHS) from… Continued

Lewis Lefkowitz

Contributed by Richard Davidson, October 2015. Lewis Lefkowitz was born in Dallas, Texas in December, 1930. He was an early and vocal supporter of the work of the Coalition, and was beloved by the students of the Coalition and beyond.… Continued

Amos Christie

Amos Christie received his M.D. from the University of California. In 1943, he arrived at Vanderbilt University as Chair of the Department of Pediatrics. During his time at Vanderbilt, he studied histoplasmosis, a fungal disease simulating tuberculosis, and received a… Continued

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