Giving to the Student Health Coalition Archive Project

Thank you for your interest in giving to the Student Health Coalition Archive Project. We’ve already made astonishing progress in developing the project and we stand now at a critical moment in our partnership, when we can capitalize on our momentum to set aside the resources needed to realize the project’s highest vision and purpose.

What is the Appalachian Student Health Coalition Library Fund?

In 2015, we received several generous donations from project participants that enabled us to establish a dedicated endowment fund in the Southern Historical Collection to support the development and maintenance of the Student Health Coalition Archive Project. The fund is designated solely to “be used by the University Libraries’ Southern Historical Collection to support collecting and preserving the records and materials for the Student Health Coalition. This will include traveling to, working with and supporting Student Health Coalition members to organize, describe and donate their archival material.” The staff of the Southern Historical Collection works with the Archive Project Advisory Council to set long-term goals, ensuring that the resources within this dedicated fund will always be paired up with the group’s highest priorities for action.

May I donate online?

Yes. Making an online donation is easy and secure; your personal and credit card information will be encrypted, protected and kept strictly confidential.

Donate Online
  1. Click the blue “Donate Online” button above, or visit the following link:
  2. You will arrive at a “Tell Us About Yourself” page with the name “Appalachian Student Health Coalition Library Fund” already listed at the top of the page. [Note: If you do not see the fund name, you may select the “Search Funds” tab and type in the name of the fund to proceed.]
  3. Enter an amount and complete your information in the online form, and select “Next” at the bottom right to proceed with a secure online giving process.

May I make a contribution by check?

Yes. Please make the check payable to “UNC Chapel Hill Library” with “Appalachian Student Health Coalition Library Fund – 576007” in the memo line and mail to:

Southern Historical Collection
Wilson Special Collections Library
UNC Chapel Hill
CB #3926
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8890

What is the Southern Historical Collection’s commitment to this project?

From the beginning of the Student Health Coalition project, the Southern Historical Collection has committed staff time and other resources to developing the Student Health Coalition Archive Project. Philosophically and substantively, the Student Health Coalition work resonates at every level with our collections and the ways in which we aspire to grow. The project is one of the Collection’s priorities, and certainly the Collection benefits greatly from our partnership with the Coalition through the talents, knowledge, and creative generosity of its members.

We will remain committed to the Student Health Coalition regardless of whether or not we raise additional external support–this history is too important to do otherwise. However, additional financial support would allow us to significantly increase the capacity for current project development work and would provide opportunities to branch out from core archival activities. These include gathering and preserving physical and virtual archives, making these archival resources available to the research public, and outreach that raises the profile of the Coalition project.

Why should I give to the Student Health Coalition Archive Project?

The project would not exist, nor would it thrive, without the incredible energy, hard work, and support that the Coalition community pours into our collaboration from week to week. We appreciate the generous contributions of your time, talents, and treasures to the project. Some participants have donated time to leadership and coordination, some have donated materials to the archive, and others have shared stories and memories for the project website. Also, we have received generous financial gifts as seed money to support further project development.

What has been accomplished so far?

Together we have already established amazing project capacity and we have built great momentum.

  • We have hosted two gatherings in Chapel Hill and one in Nashville.
  • We have joined with project participants on journeys to the mountains of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia to collect important interviews and materials (including the J.W. and Kate Bradley Papers).
  • We have processed the Bill Dow Papers, processed and digitized Rick Davidson’s important Coalition photographs, scanned a full run of Coalition annual reports borrowed from the Vanderbilt Library, and processed a series of smaller manuscript collections contributed by Coalition alums.
  • In addition, we have dedicated staff time to the continued development of this web portal, which is a critical outreach and communication tool for the project.

What are the current areas of need or priorities for further project development? 

As a first stage, additional resources will support additional core work: collection development, preservation, and outreach. Additional giving now ensures that we can develop more far-reaching initiatives that map to larger ambitions of the Coalition group: to engage a new generation of community leaders, scholars, students, and activists. The Advisory Council has set a goal of raising $25,000 by 2018 to sustain the project for the next two years. These funds will be used to:

  • Hire a graduate student at UNC Library to coordinate project activities;
  • Support Collection staff travel to East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, western North Carolina, and other communities to gather stories and archival collections;
  • Underwrite the cost of gatherings for project participants;
  • Offset the cost of processing and digitization of archival collections;
  • Extend the reach of the project by supporting website development and other outreach activities.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about giving to the Student Health Coalition Archive Project?

For additional assistance, please contact:

Biff Hollingsworth
Collecting and Outreach Archivist
Southern Historical Collection, UNC Library