Participatory Archiving is the innovation we strive to nurture with this website. More voices lead to a richer story. Visit the Southern Historical Collection’s Community Driven Archives website for more information on this new approach, and review each of the options below to learn more about how you can participate in documenting the SHC narrative. Please note that our website is part of the official SHC Archive and will be preserved in perpetuity. All submissions will be reviewed prior to being posted.

Conduct an Interview

Volunteer to conduct an interview or be interviewed by another. These recordings will be preserved at the Southern Historical Collection’s Digital Repository, as well as edited for highlight clips to be featured under the Stories tab on the SHC website.

Share A Story

Would you rather share in written form? We encourage you to share any memories from your experience with the SHC, no matter how short or long. Submit text here.

Share Your Profile

Compose a profile about yourself. The profile can be formal or informal–however you are most comfortable writing it. Think about including a description of how you first learned about the Coalition, and why you joined; what kind of work you did while working with the Coalition, where, and for how long; and try to describe how the Coalition work affected your career and life trajectory.

Then describe the work you are doing now (or did before retirement).

Suggested word count: 500-600 words. Include a picture(s), if possible.

Click here to upload your profile when ready.

Share Documents

Learn more about the archives at UNC and how the Coalition Archive fits in by visiting our Resources page.

To contribute hardcopy documents, photos, and/or other ephemera to the Archive, contact Biff Hollingsworth, Collecting and Public Programming Archivist, at Biff can help sort through the possibilities with you along with the process for delivery and cataloging your documents.

Share News

The Coalition occasionally publishes an email newsletter with news about Coalitioners, the website, and the archive. The subscription is free and you can unsubscribe anytime.

To subscribe to the newsletter, click here:

To share news for the newsletter, contact Margaret Ecker at

Share Contact Information

Based on year-end reports in the Archive at Vanderbilt, we created a spreadsheet of all former Coalition participants. The spreadsheet is color coded. For names highlighted in YELLOW, we have current contact information and we have been in touch. For names in GREEN, we have learned that that person is deceased. We are still trying to track down current contact information for all others.

Please note that we will not share your contact information with anyone unless we obtain your permission first.

To contribute contact information, to inquire about existing contact information, or for any other questions about the spreadsheet, email Paul Joffrion at

Support the Coalition Legacy Fund

The Coalition Advisory Council established a special Legacy Fund at the East Tennessee Foundation to grant funds to community groups in places where the Coalition used to work. To learn more and to donate, click here.