Origin Stories

Lark Hayes’ origins with ETRC

Lark Hayes shares her history with the East Tennessee Research Corporation (ETRC), highlighting responsibilities such as putting together a rights and benefits handbook, southern coal property title research, and overloaded coal truck fact-finding (for lawsuits) alongside Charles “Boomer” Winfrey and Maureen O’Connell. Lark also mentions learning from Bill Corr’s health litigation practice with United Health …

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ETRC’s first board of directors

John Williams explains the first priority upon establishing the East Tennessee Research Corporation: electing a Board of Directors that could oversee the organization’s operations. Billy Christopher, named Chairman of the Board, Dean Rivkin, and Jack Gibbons were three of the original members.   Full footage of the 2017 ETRC panel featuring John Williams, John McArthur, …

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Establishing the East Tennessee Research Corporation (ETRC)

John Williams details the development of the East Tennessee Research Corporation (ETRC) as a 501(c)(3) in 1973. Those involved considered a couple different precedented models for doing so, but the organization ultimately achieved its goal with help from Vanderbilt University’s chancellor, Alexander Heard, and funding from the Ford Foundation. Neil McBride was their first hire. …

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Kaye Bultemeier introduction

Kaye Bultemeier introduces herself and talks about how she came to work in Stoney Fork, Tennessee. She was initially part of the National Health Services Corps and ended up staying in the community for eight years. Full footage of the interview with Janie Hiserote, Kaye Bultemeier, and Chuck Darling from October 25, 2017.

Tom John on the origin of his participation with the SHC and its community-oriented focus

Tom John reflects on how he first got involved with the Coalition, the multi-dimensional impact his SHC involvement had on him, and sets the student-led organization apart from others at the time as he details its community-oriented approach to rural healthcare.   Full footage of the 2013 interview with Tom John and Rick Davidson.