Tennessee Health Care Campaign, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


The Tennessee Health Care Campaign (THCC) is Tennessee’s leading nonprofit consumer health care advocacy group. THCC’s vision is affordable, equitable access to high quality health care for all Tennesseans. THCC’s enrollment, education, policy analysis and grassroots advocacy has successfully increased the number of insured Tennesseans and promoted policies that improve cost, quality, and transparency in the health care system.

2023 Grant Recipient:  This year will be a challenging year for our enrollment program, since TennCare is requiring all covered families to re-enroll.  We are concerned that eligible families will lose coverage due to missed paperwork or other confusion.  With support from the Legacy Fund, we will work to assist those who lose coverage and those who are no longer TennCare eligible to find other coverage or care.  To reach underserved Black and Brown communities, we partner with the NAACP, HOLA Lakeway, the Tennessee Charitable Care Network, the Tennessee Disability Coalition, Community Health Councils and other allies.  In addition to helping individuals find care, THCC is committed to systemic change in our state’s restrictive health coverage.  We lift up the stories of individuals who cannot get coverage to illustrate the need for better health policies, like Medicaid Expansion, in Tennessee. 

2022 Grant Recipient:  With support from the Legacy Fund grant,  Tennessee Health Care Campaign (THCC) launched a COVID vaccination initiative for families living in Hardeman and Haywood Counties, with a particular outreach to underserved Black and Immigrant communities.

Building on alliances with leaders in the Black and Immigrant communities, THCC lifts up the voices of trusted local messengers spreading fact-based information. Through their Vaccine Ambassador program, they encourage local community leaders to promote COVID vaccination.

An innovative approach is their 2022 Back-to-School resource fair in Haywood and Hardeman counties, which provides school aged children and youth with school supplies and health information. Partnering with local civic, fraternal, and service organizations and collaborating with the Tennessee Dept. of Health, this event assures participants the opportunity to get COVID and other vaccinations needed to ensure a healthy school year.   The grant from the Legacy Fund supports printing, radio advertising and school supplies for participants.

In Hardeman and Haywood Counties, 20% of residents live below the poverty line and 12% are uninsured. Communities of color are chronically underserved and marginalized. The COVID pandemic exacerbated existing health disparities. Many people of color are uninsured and have limited access to medical care, while working in some of the highest risk occupations. Language, culture and immigration status create additional barriers. Tragically, 218 Haywood and Hardeman Countians have died from COVID illness. Culturally appropriate and community affirming strategies that encourage local community leadership are needed to reach these communities.

According to a February 2022 report by the Tennessee Department of Health, children are making up an increasing percentage of the COVID cases in Tennessee. Vaccination in children greatly reduces the likelihood of severe disease and complications and reduces disruptions to in-person learning. In addition, vaccinated children are less likely to spread the virus to others in the community. But vaccination rates are shockingly low. In Haywood and Hardeman Counties, less than 30% of youth age 12-17 and less than 15% of children age 5-11 are vaccinated.