St. Charles Clinic, Stone Mountain Health Services, St. Charles, Virginia

Citizens of Lee County, Va. founded the St. Charles Health Council in 1973 and incorporated as a non-profit organization after hosting the Student Health Coalition health fair. Council members, primarily representing St. Charles and Pennington Gap, worked quickly and skillfully to build, staff, and open St. Charles Clinic. Several Coalition alumni joined the staff, including Dr. Art Van Zee, who has worked there for over 4 decades. The St. Charles Clinic is part of Stone Mountain Health Services. Arising from the opioid crisis, Dr. Van Zee established a treatment program at St. Charles Clinic.

2021 Grant Recipient.  Dr. Van Zee identified the need for print resources to help with the clinic’s buprenorphine treatment program for patients with opioid use disorder. As Dr. Van Zee stated, “Many of them would not have the funds to buy these on their own.  If we had these available to give out to those unable to get them on their own, it could play a substantial role in their recovery.”