Mountain Access Brigade

Mountain Access Brigade is comprised of a network of volunteers who offer free abortion doula services to all callers, financial support to Tennesseans seeking abortion care outside the state, and free contraceptive materials and education.   Services include

  • Accurate information –Volunteers provide information about abortion that allows people to make the best decision for themselves without coercion.
  • Logistical Support – Brigade volunteers help people think through what their needs are in their unique situation, and then help to connect them with local resources when possible to support their access to abortion care. 
  • Emotional support – Volunteers help people to process their feelings without judgement, no matter what they’re feeling. 
  • Financial Assistance:   The Brigade makes pledges to clinics on clients’ behalf, avoiding direct disbursement of cash to callers.   The Bridge has relationships with over 40 clinics in legal states where callers are traveling.
  • Free emergency contraceptives (EC).  Volunteers keep emergency contraceptives on hand locally in Knoxville by request and provide them to community partners to support people in preventing unwanted pregnancies.
  • Tabling materials provided to partner organizations to give out EC, condoms, lube and information at events.
  • Trainings with partner organizations on supporting abortion access. 

2023 Grant Recipient.  The Legacy Fund grant provided general support for the work of the Brigade.