Future Economy Collective, Blacksburg, Virginia


The Future Economy Collective (FEC) is a young, queer mutual-aid and economic equity organization that began during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. After a 3-year listening campaign in local communities, they established a safe, community-oriented space near the Virginia Tech campus with a non-profit cafe, free book and seed libraries, and active mutual aid campaigns. During the early phases of pandemic lock-down, they organized and made food/medicine deliveries to the surrounding area. In early 2021, they recovered from severe flooding by re-locating and remodeling a new community space. Recently, they have shifted from area food drop-offs to maintaining and stocking several community accessible freezers/refrigerators. FEC is also active in local environmental efforts to resist the MVP natural gas pipe-line construction through the New River Valley. Their long-term efforts are directed toward sustainability and resilience by building economic infrastructures less reliant on inequality and exploitation.

2021 Grant Recipient