Grant Recipients

In April 2021, the SHC Legacy Fund advisors’ successful fundraising and extensive research allowed us to name the first recipients for our grants. We awarded grants of $3,000 each to community non-profit organizations. Just a few months later, the Fund was able to include an additional four organizations. These second four recipients received $5000 each, and the original four were given another $2000 to match.  The plan going forward is to continue fundraising and grow the number of grantees each year, using  criteria established up front to fund work that is in keeping with our mission:   to empower residents in underserved communities to craft their own solutions for their own challenges; support organizations and their leaders who comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable; and nurture service that is committed to improving the lives of the least of us.

See grant recipients listed below by annual grant cycle.   Click on any name for more on the recipient and the work the grant supports.   

2023 Grant Recipients, $5000 each

2022 Grant Recipients, $5000 each

2021 Grant Recipients, $5000 each